Plumbing Industry 2022 Expectations

Here in the plumbing industry, there are consistently new products and trends coming out. For example, right now, leak detection devices along with smart technology and touchless plumbing features are on the rise. See what else is happening in the plumbing industry with these 2022 expectations and a market forecast.

Water Quality Improvement Products

Homeowners are demanding water quality improvement products installed directly into plumbing. As a plumber, this is the time to have water filtration and conservation products in stock and ready to install. Also, plumbers are looking deeper into water treatment and purification systems for residential and commercial customers.

Some more intriguing products for plumbing technology are “leak detection devices and electric vehicle (EV) charging units,” according to PM Mag. Homeowners and property managers want the remote Internet of Things (IoT) technology, allowing them to control their plumbing from afar. This is why leak detection devices provide information and peace of mind.

There are also pandemic related water quality improvement products that are geared at reducing pathogens related to COVID-19. According to PM Mag’s Matt Sigler, serving as International Code Council’s PMG executive director, “There is a rising popularity in plumbing and heating products that are perceived to help protect against the [Corona] virus, such as touchless plumbing fixtures, smart technology integrated appliances, bottle filling stations and HEPA filtration systems for viruses, and demand will only continue to increase.”

Skilled Labor Shortage in Plumbing

In order to fulfill this demand among customers, plumbers must first understand these new technologies. This is why there is an increased demand for updated training for plumbing professionals, both old and new to the industry. In order for plumbers to be able to provide these high-tech services and to meet public trends, they are taking on more advanced level training.

Right now the industry is suffering from a lack of skilled new plumbers coming into the ranks. However, there is promise for incoming plumbers who want to offer state-of-the-art products and IoT solutions. Customers are interested in these products and need plumbers to provide accordingly.

Supply Chain Problems

At the other end of the spectrum for products are supply chain problems involving materials. Fuel prices are rising along with the cost of materials like metal and pipe, which are in short supply. Other issues include staff shortages and the closure of factories that make these materials.

One way that companies are combating this crisis is by producing as much of their products onsite as possible. Of course, this is a costly move that some companies can’t make, which is why smaller companies tend to focus on relationship building with suppliers. This helps with securing better rates on supplies and having an insider’s scoop about when rates are going to climb.

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